The Girl On The Train (mini review)

“I saw her, I saw her from the train.”

This film is the epitome of what happens when good performances by actors  are ruined by poor performances from pretty much everyone else involved. The entire ensemble create characters who are (mostly) believable and are enjoyable (if that’s the correct term?) to watch. The trio of leading female performances are particularly good with Blunt, Bennett and Ferguson each reflect simillar yet different characters – the film successfully shows each woman’s experience with equal levels of sympathy and lack of judgment. Theroux and Evans don’t quite make the same impact but that’s the intention – with Blunt’s masterful performance of a woman who has taken up residence at rock bottom dominating every scene.

The main issue is the story and how it is told. Considering it was a bestselling novel which could be seen being read by everyone on public transport its being turned into a film seemed a logical decision. The main problem, which turns the film into more of an endurance test than a pleasurable watching experience, is the pacing. Although it only clocks in at under two hours it feels like far longer. Certain scenes take far too long and the plot as a whole meanders. The intent is obviously to generate suspense and tension whereas the outcome is tedium and indifference.


Dir:Tate Taylor

Country:  USA      Year: 2016               Run time: 112 minutes

Cast:Emily BluntHaley BennettRebecca FergusonJustin TherouxLuke EvansEdgar RamírezLaura PreponAllison JanneyLisa Kudrow

The Girl On The Train opened in UK cinemas on October 5th. 


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