2019: Mid-year report

Of the 61 films I’ve seen this year, what’s made the top ten…?

One Cut Of The Dead

This is a film that has to be seen to be fully understood, a plot summary will understate just how brilliant it is. It’s about the making of a low budget zombie movie that gets hijacked by zombies. Watch the whole thing, even if you feel yourself wavering early on – it’s so worth it. Hilarious.


I’ll be honest – this was my Avengers. If Dexter Fletcher decides to make a MCU-esque universe of 1970s’ Glam Rock icons – I cannot tell you how joyous that day would be for me. For now I’ll have to make ‘do’ with this gorgeous and heartbreaking musical about Elton John. Taron Egerton is sublimely good.

Eighth Grade

If given the opportunity to be 13 again I would run away as fast as I could from the person making the offer. 13 is a tough time to be a kid, this directoral debut from Bo Burnham sensitively captures the horrors of that age so beautifully.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Whenever I think of this film, and Jenkins’ previous film Moonlight, I want to groan as even just thinking about either film makes my heart ache. Beautiful, rich, layered and poetic tale of love and life in 1970s Harlem.

Avengers: Endgame

10 years. 21 films. It all came down to this. 2019 will remain an iconic year for pop culture, particularly the endings of some of it’s franchises. Although Endgame isn’t the end of the MCU, it was the end of a phase and the end of era – with all that pressure on it, it didn’t disappoint at all.


Another film that my body has a clear viserial response to. A streetwise 12 year-old Lebanses boy sues his parents for the ‘crime’ of giving him life. A painful, heartbreaking but truly necessary watch.

Support The Girls

A day-and-a-bit-in-the-life drama of the employees of a sports bar. It’s endearing, funny, caring and heartfelt.

Woman At War

A little-seen gem that deserves a far bigger audience. 50-year-old Halla is an environmental crusader, doing her part to protect her home. But when the long-wanted chance to become a mother finally arises, she has to make some massive decisions. Imaginative and powerfully told.

Book Smart

This is the film us Lisa Simpon’s have long deserved. Funny, raunchy, witty and so loving. Very few films have presented female friendship so delightfully and reasonably accurately.

Long Shot

A new addition to the RomCom genre and something of a modern classic. The beloved tropes and cliches are all present, but told in a refreshing and truly charming manner.




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