Charlotte Sometimes… Goes To Gigs

Two year ago, I did this write up of Hazey Jane’s gig in Dalston. In it I wrote about how amazing they are and how they are definite ones to watch – now’s your chance to rectify that if you didn’t before.

That’s because Hazey Jane’s set at Lion Coffee and Records in Clapton reinforced just how good they are. Playing inside a record store brings its own challenges, least of all when you’re playing in what might legitimately be the smallest record store in London.

Such an intimate venue could be problematic for a band, exposing their flaws and undermining their potency. That’s not the case for Hazey Jane, who have the incredibly rare power of being able to captivate an entire room, no matter the size of venue or audience.

Considering the room was packed full of people, on a warm summer night with only a few sporadically placed fans to quell the humidity. Instead Hazey Jane provided a set that was so well placed that it flew by, taking the audience on a magical musical journey away from the warm huddle we were stood in.

The stripped back set reinforced just how tight the band are as a unit and how immensely in-sync they are. Their harmonies are impeccable – intricate, interwoven and utterly captivating. They compliment each other, both in terms of tone and melody creating a truly beautiful wall of sound.

Their songs, so carefully written and packed full of emotion, feel tailor-made for a film soundtrack – such is the evocative nature of their lyrics and their sound. There’s a lightness about each song, an unwavering optimism and joy within each song that is truly infectious.

Their latest single release, ‘Open’, epitomises this. From the opening chords we’re taken away, and it’s impossible not to feel tempted to nod or sing along. It’s utterly joyous in its feelgood anthem-esque nature; tailor made for those summer days when everything feels possible. Delightful and charming – just like the band themselves.

Hazey Jane are playing at The Slaughtered Lamb on Friday 13th September. Click here to buy tickets.


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