The Princess Bride: Evidence of my obsession

‘This is true love, you think that happens every day?’

Over a year ago I filled in the BFI members pick form on their website, submitting a request that they show The Princess Bride. Anyone with even just a passing interest in this blog and my writing will know that The Princess Bride is my favourite film of all time. Today, Saturday 4th January 2020, they screened it in NFT3 and it was utterly joyous. The room was full of keen fans and a whole bunch of kids who appeared to be watching the film for the first time. Their reactions were so delightful and added so much to the watching experience. I was tempted to write again about how much I love the film, but I’m not sure I could do any better than this piece I wrote for Den Of Geek in 2017. So, instead, I thought I’d just compile this collage of things I’ve said or done about my favourite film.

That time I commissioned a specially painted pair of Converse for my 22nd Birthday

That time I hosted a special screening at Genesis Cinema for my 24th Birthday


The time I went on Hoxton Radio film show to talk about it 

Click here to listen – around the 27 minute mark.

The time I went on Tom Beasley’s Flickering Myth Podcast to talk about it

Click here to listen.

That time I made this for Helen O’Hara for her Secret Santa present.



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