Stream On Vol.4

You want movies? You got them! Here’s 10 suggestions, then click here for 5 more, here for 5 more and here for 10 more.

Rush (BBC/Amazon Prime) – 2013 – 1223 mins)

There’s been a lot of people finally discovering Daniel Brühl this week, especially because of these moves. If you’re looking for your next hit, this will do the job and then some. Chris Hemsworth is a charisma powerhouse playing Formula One racer James Hunt, Brühl is his rival Niki Lauda. What follows is a thrilling and finely crafted sports drama.

People Places Things (Netflix – 2015 – 85 mins)

Jemaine Clement plays Will Henry, a newly single graphic artist is left parenting both his young twin daughters and a classroom of students after his longtime partner leaves him for someone else. A gently funny tale of a man forced to rediscover himself at a time when he thought he was settled and explore the world of relationships once more. Offbeat and very charming.

Jellyfish (BBC – 2018 – 101 mins)

Being a young carer has forced Sarah (Liv Hill) to grow up far too soon and far too quickly. By chance her drama teacher spots her talent for stand-up comedy and encourages her to nurture it, but life continues to get in the way. An immensely compassionate and moving character study.

Eighth Grade (Netflix – 2018 – 93 mins)

Being a teenager is awful, a continuously mortifying nightmare of epic proportions. Writer-director Bo Burnham revils in that here, with a regularly funny often cringe-inducing drama that follows an introverted teen (Elsie Fisher) trying to survive her disastrous last week of middle school with high school on the horizon. A painfully wonderful and relatable movie.

The Last Tree (Netflix – 2019 – 98 mins)

After a happy childhood in the countryside with his foster family, Femi is brought back to London as a teenager by his birth mother. Samuel Adewunmi is fantastic as Femi in writer-director Shola Amoo‘s contemplative and moving drama. A stunning portrait full of ones to watch, in front of and behind the camera.

Papi Chulo (Netflix – 2018 – 98 mins)

Sean (Matt Bomer) is a lonely weatherman yearning for his ex-partner, but finding distraction in a friendship of sorts with a middle-aged Latino migrant worker (Alejandro Patiño). Quiet, slow-moving and utterly charming.

A Man Called Ove (Amazon Prime – 2015 – 116 mins)

I know I always recommend this one, but I rewatched it last night and it’s still fabulous and I still need you to watch it. Darkly funny, profound and moving. Just wonderful.

The Lincoln Lawyer (Amazon Prime -2011 – 118 mins)

Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is an immensely successful lawyer gearing up to defend his new client (Ryan Phillippe) when he stumbles upon evidence that suggests not only is his client guilty, but for far more than he’s currently on trial for. A tense and gripping thriller.

Superbob (Amazon Prime – 2015 – 82 mins)

A charming British feelgood movie about an underdog trying to do the right thing – in this case the underdog in question is a lonely man looking for love (Brett Goldstein) who also happens to be the world’s only superhero. Heartfelt and very funny.

Adventureland (Sky/NOW – 2009 – 107 mins)

It’s the summer of 1987, James (Jesse Eisenberg) finds himself spending his first summer out of college working at an amusement park. It may not be the summer he ever planned or wished for, but it’s going to teach him a lot about himself and the world. An excellent supporting cast – Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds – help make this a really charming coming-of-age movie.


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