Supersonic (Mini Review)

“Yeah, you can kiss the sky – now give it a f***** love bite”

Supersonic is a fantastic example of a music documentary.  By not using talking heads – instead using archive footage and occasional animation which is narrated by the band themselves – the film has a vitality and urgency that could not have been achieved otherwise. The film is as urgent as the band’s music and reinforces the band’s position, were it needed, as one of the most important band of the 90’s, if not of the 20th century.

Even those who would not define themselves as an Oasis fan (including myself here) will find something to enjoy. There’s the rags to riches storyline – albeit one that is far from glamorised and should probably be redefined as rages & riches… The band are remarkably open and honest about their past, something which is rather surprising as the archive footage shows they weren’t a band particularly well known for their forthcomingness in interviews.

The documentary starts at the very beginning and ends at Knebworth in 1996. Whitecross made an excellent decision at ending it at Knebworth as A) the documentary would have been far too long and B) it allows the focus to remain on the journey the boys took, not the drama that overtook the boys. The film won’t necessarily convert naysayers but it may encourage them to have a rethink about some truly generation-defining music.

4 stars

Dir:Mat Whitecross

Country:  UK         Year: 2016               Run time: 122 minutes

Cast:Liam GallagherNoel GallagherPaul ArthursTony McCarrollAlan McGeePaul McGuigan.

Supersonic opened in selected UK cinemas on October 7th. 


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