Movie Monday – Romcom (Part Two) – Amazon Prime edition

‘This is true love, do you think this happens every day?’

Click here to read Romcom: Edition (Amazon Prime) part one.

What’s Your Number? (2011)

Chris Evans and Anna Faris have excellent chemistry as the leads. The fact the film also features Chris Pratt and Anthony Mackie adds to the watch-ability.

Edge of Seventeen (2016)

It’s just so so good. Here’s my original review.

The Big Sick (2017)

Much of the press surrounding this film upon it’s release described it as ‘the return of the romcom’. Although the romcom didn’t actually disappear, this film did bring it to the forefront once more.

The Duff (2015)

I hated this film when I first watched, that’s because I totally misunderstood it. More people need to be talking about Mae Whitman.

His Girl Friday (1940)

Not quite where it all began, but close. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell burn through the script at breakneck speed. That love-hate dynamic you love in romcoms? This film provides the masterclass.


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