Movie Mondays – War (Netflix edition)

‘With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together. ‘

– Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Although the film’s first third borders on saccharine, the film gets then better with the training camp 2/3. But it’s the film’s final third that seals it’s place in this list, with a battle sequence that is one of the best in cinema since Saving Private Ryan.


Journey’s End (2018)

A superb, and greatly under-seen, adaptation of R.C Sheriff’s 1928 play. An incredible ensemble cast (Asa Butterfield, Sam Claflin, Paul Bettany, Tom Sturridge, Toby Jones, Stephan Graham and Robert Glenister) make this a real one-to-watch.


Beasts Of No Nation (2015)

Based on a 2005 novel by  Uzodinma Iweala, this film about a child soldier during a truly horrific war makes for heart-breaking watching. Idris Elba is in a supporting role, playing truly against type. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (best known for season one of True Detective).


Dr Strangelove (1964)

One of the finest satires in cinematic history, which turned Cold War fears into a truly black comedy. My second favourite Kubrick, after 1975’s Barry Lyndon.


Platoon (1986)

Remember when Charlie Sheen was good? No? Watch this and embrace the nostalgia.


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